Test-fly Gliders from our partner brand AirG products

Its just perfect

Gerlitzen Mountain is a special place for paragliding. It offers the best infrastructure for training and to improving your paragliding skills. Paragliding at Gerlitzen is famous for Safety Trainings, testings and develop your skills on the way to be an aerobatics pilot.

Lindenhof, known as the "Acro-Camp" is an amazing campsite and just next to the landing and chill out zone "Fliegerbase". - Easy, enjoyable and cheap.

From there it takes you 15 minutes to walk or 2 minutes to drive with the shuttle to the gondola. The gondola and the chairlift brings you up to 1990m within 30minutes. From the take-off to the landing is about 1400m height difference. You can reach the box (acro-glider in a straight line) over the lake with around 1000m elevation difference ;D

All this makes this place perfect and attractive for our partner AirGproducts.  We help the pilot to choose the best equipment for his/hers level of skills. Together with the akroacademy we offer you a briefing and video-analysis after your day with one of the AirG Demo-Gliders.


Demo-Center and AirG Shop:


-Beach Bags





- and much more


- Contact LEO for test-flights : +43 660 1855119


Want to present your products?


The Demo-Center Services:

- Advises by our instructors, Test and Acro-pilots to your potential future customers

- Help pilots to choose the best products

- Test the Gliders/Harness etc - online pre-booking

- direct contact for questions

With this, we offer to your brand our place with the best infrastructure to present your products, push in the market and increase your sales. We are looking forward to your contact.

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